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 This site provides the Power Technology Solutions to save the World

Powerthe ability to overcome resistance. 

Energythe ability to sustain power over time. 


These two words have shaped the destiny of all living things since the beginning of time. 

Unfortunately, the human race has never learnt to place cooperation and coexistence before dominion over all that we perceive,  for it is not in our nature to be subservient.    In deed, it is human endeavor for superiority and supremacy that has lead us to this impasse with the natural order.

Beauty and limitless diversity of life adorn this unique jewel

set in a myriad of barren worlds,

yet the legacy of past deeds and our continued disregard

may well destroy the very seed of life itself.

Our machines, their effluence and effluvia are to blame!

The trial of the transgressors has already begun….

The verdict will be upon our own seed!!!

These prose I wrote some fifty years ago, after experiencing the London smog, when my outstretched hands could not be seen through the dense cloud of polluted air.   This was followed by my observation of plumes of black smoke bellowing from the exhaust of my first motor cycle.

 It was clear to me then, that this way of life could not be sustained.

The epiphany  I  envisaged  was a planet  poisoned by chemical pollution and  stripped of life in all its forms 

Since that time I have consumed every spare dollar and every free waking hour in search of a power technology solution alternative to a world corrupted by carbon addiction.

This site is about that journey and my contribution in helping mitigate environmental degradation on a global scale.   In the interim, the only sane alternative to the carbon fuel and nuclear fission economies is to use safe liquid thorium reactors for base power – hydrogen for aviation and transportation – leaving conventional wind, wave, solar and thermal to complete the gambit of environmentally safe power generation.   The ultimate alternative to all these systems is to tap into the energy of the cosmos, manifest at the sub-atomic level through the powers of photon-electron exchange and natural transmutation.   In the future these energy sources may then be captured and exploited utilizing the sciences of mechanics, nuclear physics, nano-chemistry, electronics, magnetics and gravitics in harmony with the natural order of interaction.  It is my endeavor to cover all these topics if time permits.

Unfortunately, old age is accompanied by health deterioration, so I am finding it increasing difficult to fight the good fight.  However, while I can I will do what ever I can, but then:

It will be up to others to take up this challenge.

On the following pages my inventions, books, lectures and videos will be offered to the public in the hope that this work will continue and be commercialized for the benefit of all.

 Barry Edwin Hilton 30-January-2015