Wave energy

As a wave energy system:


A land based Hilton oscillating water column system (OWC) blends into the landscape, is low maintenance and can produce most of the energy we need without any consumables or carbon emissions.

♦   It never gets wet because it is located on dry land and therefore is never subject to sea water corrosion or the ravages of the ocean.

♦   Like with wind – waves are horizontally disposed – giving the Hilton wave system a considerable lateral advantage over conventional circular turbines.  

♦   By applying the Bernoulli-Coanda venturi principle high compression ratios can be achieved, considerably amplifying wave input. .

♦   In addition, the Hilton OWC system allows the electrical generators to operate at ground level outside the salt-laden air, which is not possible in other systems.


This is the ultimate free energy system as waves never stop and they deliver massive amounts of energy on a continuous basis.

The Wave system is now patented, consequently we are now seeking expressions of interest  from countries wishing to cut their emissions. 

Details of the Hilton OWC Revolutionary Wave Power Station is available without obligation. 

The following map demonstrates the huge potential for supplying electrical energy from wave power to many countries throughout the world such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, France. Spain, Scandinavian Countries, USA, South America and many of the Island nations both in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere with wave strength of 20 kW to 60 kW per meter per wave.   Utilizing the Hilton wave turbine system could substantially reduce the world’s carbon footprint at only a fraction of the cost of other renewable energy sources.  


Wave Energy Map 1

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