Wind Turbine System


Hilton Dynamics is proud to present the revolutionary Hilton wind  turbine systems.

 This is no ordinary wind turbine system as it employs a completely new concept in turbine and generator design.



The Turbine :

It is unlike any other, its operation is completely silent allowing it to be installed in a domestic environment without any detrimental effects on humans, animals or birds.

It starts to work at just 5 Kmh., and is immediately responsive to wind from any direction.

It is unaffected by rain, storm or high wind exposure, so you just set and forget without any fear of damage during normal operation.

It can be mounted on a roof, derrick or any other similar elevated structure and is ideally suited for high-rise buildings. This allows the system to be coupled to solar panels and share a common inverter thus generating power whenever the sun shines or the wind blows.

It can be scaled up to meet higher load demands, or additional units can be stacked for high output.

As its axis is horizontal it has a very low profile that is visually unintrusive.

The electrical power unit:

The turbine is coupled to a uniquely revolutionary permanent magnet power generator that has zero load on start-up and can output power at extremely low RPM, The turbine and generator are therefore ideally matched allowing the system to output electricity using only modest wind strength.

Patent Protection

The turbine system carries a long term international patent and is superior to all other wind power systems of equivalent displacement.

The following video demonstrates its revolutionary features.



The inventor is no longer in a position to market this revolutionary turbine system and is seeking expressions of interest for the sale of the entire system, or suitable offers to market this unique system on a worldwide basis.

Genuine parties who may be interested in commercializing this concept and require further information please leave your contact information below and I will get back to you directly ASAP.

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