Revolutionary engine design

M9 Engine 1

M9 Hilton Engine

With only one basic moving part, the Hilton revolutionary engine design embodies all the advantages of every internal combustion engine ever made, with virtually none of the disadvantages.

Like creating a miniature solar system, combustion within the heart of the “Centrifical Block” drives out the pistons into an elliptical orbit, delivering full power directly to the shaft, without piston reversal, mechanical linkage, con-rods, crank or eccentric motion, and in harmony with the laws of motion. High output at realistic speeds is therefore possible, irrespective of the fuel system in use.

Free from the shackles of the crank & con-rod, the combustion cycle can be shaped and varied to deliver maximum power using minimum fuel, without waste heat and with minimum pollution.

  • The Mark 4 was the first working prototype developed some 45 years ago as a four stroke cycle.
  • The Mark 5 was designed as a two stoke with a number of models built to incorporate various improvements over a fifteen year period.
  • The Mark 6 was created using the diesel mode of operation with outstanding potential.
  • The Mark 7 is a four stroke design with all four stroke contained within 360 degrees rotation.
  • The Mark 8 is a compressed air engine which is designed for hydrogen or hydroxy assist for increased power and economy.
  • The Mark 9 is the last in the series using a revolutionary new concept in split cycle design suitable for use with petrol, hydrogen and other fuel variants.


After a lifetime of development, the inventor is physically unable to commercialize this revolutionary engine and reluctantly is seeking expressions of interest for the sale of the entire concept or such other offers as may be financially acceptable to the inventor.  

Don’t let this technology be lost forever!

Genuine parties who may be interested in commercializing this concept and require further information please leave your contact information below and I will get back to you directly ASAP.

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