Solving climate change

If you were to ask any intelligent thinking person what was the main issue facing the human race today, they would probably answer ”Solving Climate change”.

If you then asked them how they would solve this problem, you would receive many different answers.

It appears that there is no real consensus on the best course of action.

Indeed, there are many people who think anthropogenic interaction has little or no effect on the environment and this current situation is nothing more than a natural cycle, over which we have no control.   Add to this, political and corporate paranoia, greed, exploitation and misinformation and it is little wonder that we have failed to respond appropriately.

What we need to do is remove cause, blame and misinformation from the equation altogether and just concentrate on the scientific facts. It would then be clear what needs to be done and the timetable we must meet in order to prevent possible Armageddon. To this end I have applied considerable research to determine the truth, lies and pitfalls of this subject to provide a logical and realistic solution to solving the carbon conundrum.

The following three lectures were prepared to present these findings:

The first lecture deals with the environmental facts , the environmental impact and the best commercial power projects being developed to mitigate climate change.

The second lecture examines the nuclear industry solution and its dangers. It also presents a 100% safe nuclear alternative that is currently commercially viable and could power the world for thousands of years guaranteed free of either nuclear or carbon pollution.

The third lecture presents viable alternative energy systems that have been suppressed, ignored or lost. I explain how these systems work and what should be done to provide public access to these magnificent inventions offering free energy for all and a new paradigm in physics.


These three presentations are available as a complete set in DVD format by mail at a price to cover material and processing costs.   Just press the button to arrange delivery.